About Me

Nessie Jacques works at Bridal Showers a tailoring company and she is a managerial seamstress in her company. Nessie provides maternal women with wedding hints and practical wedding advice which could be beneficial if you wish to do your wedding.

She is a blogger who loves to write on how to get the best material for events, she is a single nursing mother and she wants to make other nursing mothers understand how to go about the prospective wedding.

Rebekah Barry is the sole owner and founder of the popular, a site which hosts one of the quickest developing online sales of maternity and nursing clothing materials and also, apparatus for making the lives of maternity mothers easier.

She is a writer who is passionate about seeing pregnant mothers all around the world get the best comfort they can have for their safety and that of their children, she is a mother of four and she and her family reside in Chicago America.